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»If ever you wanted a record to justify that ‘Greek blues’ tag, Mystakidis’ CD is the one. Just his solo acoustic guitar and voice, plus a few touches of guest vocal, it’s a thing of understated power and wonder. From its opening version of the familiar standard Kai Giati De Mas To Les with its stately fingerpicking (“f*** me, Skip James meets Ali Farka Touré”, one friend exclaimed), it could be a masterclass and inspiration for many, its cross-pollination of new-and old-world bending the ears somewhat in the way that Davey Graham’s early records did more than five decades ago. The classily simple bilingual Greek/English blue package outlines the historical background and spells out the tunings used too. It’s a a bit of a treasure and deserves to become a reference point for open-minded acoustic guitar fans worldwide«  fROOTS


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